Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Development - Sketchbooks and props

Since the last post I have been busy completing the last of the props for the photo shoots and getting more models. So far the process has been going very well and I'm starting to feel more confident about the project. I also feel more confident about asking models for help and working in a studio with the equipment and lighting.
Recently went to the recycling center and found some more props for good prices. Found its a great place and usually has everything you could need for a project or more.

I got this table and chair set from there and it was just perfect for what was needed for a very recent photo shoot. Since symbolism is a key theme in the project the only thing that would not fit for the photography was the color of the set. Since bright yellow and dark blue are such high contrasts and can give different meanings. I took pictures of the set and took it into Photoshop to experiment with the layout and the colors. I tried three different colors that would correspond to the type of mood I wanted to portray and with the colors of the backgrounds in the studios.

I found that the brown color worked the best and I painted the set in that color with acrylic paints and let them dry over night. I will show the Photo shoot that the props are included in with the results in a blog post soon.

These are some of the other props I've been working on in the studio just have to continue with them and they should be finished by this week. Found that I also have not been working much with sketchbooks this semester and that it may have effected my work flow. So I stared working on them again since I did that for my other projects. Created a research sketchbook and a development sketchbook which also includes the storyboards for the Photo shoots.

This is for the research part of the project and will also include my findings on equipment and software. As well as camera research and lighting research and how it was used for the photo shoots. Development will also be planning and elaborating on my process of each shoot and how I planned each one. As well explanations on the props and the meanings behind the included props and the layout of each shoot. Also will be creating my own references to each meanings and symbols and why they were related to each anxiety.

Another two Photo shoots have been done in the last few days as well it's just a matter of editing and going through the photographs. I will be posting them up soon and showing the process of them in the studio. Will be continuing the rest of the props as well as sketchbooks and research on lighting and camera.

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