Sunday, 17 February 2013

Development and research videos

Took a short step back this week after the Critique which I think went well to think about how else to go further with this project. I have ordered more props online for more photo shoots and planned how I'm going to create more props in the studio. Also hope to get that done this week as well as gather the last of the props and get another photo shoot set up. Lots of interest has been shown for this project for models and I have had quite a few offers which is exciting and I hope to do work with them soon.

Think I'll have to visit the recycling center again to look more and even some charity shops since I'm trying to gather these props on a budget. I even went to the karboot this weekend since I got the time off from work but I didn't manage to find anything useful apart from one prop. I have also been shooting small amounts of video of the process of this project. Not sure if I'll use it for a small film about the project or a documentary style of it but might be interesting if I have time.

Started also a research sketchbook since I've been working away in the development sketchbook planning out the storyboards. I did research sketchbooks for my other projects and it usually helps keeping me up to date as a self made reference book of what I should be doing. Found my thoughts either have been getting lost or jumbled up for the project and its breaking the work flow.  Think keeping order in the sketchbooks is what kept the thoughts better for the other projects so I'll see how it goes.

Got this rotating disco light ball as seen in the first photo shoot and wanted to do some further tests with it and the camera. I tried it out in my flat hallway with no other light sources and it seemed to work really well. My camera also had a setting for taking pictures of little light sources since it is a bit tricky to get a good image of it. Seems I should try a smaller and darker space for the next photo shoot with this light source.

I also have been watching tutorial videos for the camera my Dad actually showed me this guy called Graham Houghton. His YouTube channel is really good for camera tutorials he really knows his stuff and he does some videos of the results with the camera. Would recommend him to peeps who want to know more about cameras and their settings.

I also have been meaning to for a while but I found a lot of interesting videos on the web for this project and have been wanting to put them up on the blog.

At the start of the project I found a series of videos filmed at the Watts Gallery which is a museum dedicated to the painter George Frederic Watts and as far as I know the only Museum in Britain dedicated to one artist. The former curator Richard Jefferies goes through Watts paintings and explains their meanings and his personal thoughts. It's very interesting and it proved to be really useful for my research into understanding symbolism painting.

In depth look into the symbolism movement in the country of Russia and the artists from there found it to be quite interesting. It also shows different examples of different painters and their groups from there as well as some explanations into the meanings behind them.

Since the project will be using the media of photography I was lucky enough to find a short video on a exhibition based on symbolism in still life photography. It was interesting since I did not know that still life paintings and still life photography had more deeper meanings with symbolism. Some of the photography is quite beautiful and simple and made me think about composition and organic materials.

Found this video very recently about the work and studies of Carl Jung who studied the unconscious mind and psychology of our behaviour and mental health extensively. His work was created throughout his life and he even studied himself using art work to express his disturbing dreams and mental health. He also created terms we use in psychology and our senses such as introvert and extrovert. And the four psychological types of thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition which was revolutionary for its time. I found this useful in terms of his look on symbolism of our unconscious and his meanings where used in one of the symbolism books I read for this project.

These were just some of the documentaries and useful videos I have found while doing this project. I have taken notes and examples of them throughout my research and development. I will continue to look into the photography tutorials as well starting research into lighting tutorials. Hopefully will gather and create the last of the props this week and continue with sketchbooks as well as another photo shoot.

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