Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Development - Photography experiments and lighting

For some practice and experimentation with my camera which is a fairly new gift and is a Panasonic Lumix FZ150. This is the camera I plan to use for my photography project and been trying to get my head around the settings and how it works. I hope I can use it properly for when it comes to doing the final photography as I want it to be done well.

I'm pretty rusty with photography since it was something I used to do a lot and often but now this is the first I've did it artistically in a long time. And also using other people for subject matter such as models which I hope I can do well and form good relationships professionally. But in doing so I'm learning new things about photography such as traditional cameras and setting up for a studio shoot. Such as lighting and how important it is, as well as simplicity and how it can be just as effective.

I asked the lovely Alastair if he would help me practice use my camera with different settings and under different types of light. Also wanted to see how shadow worked on facial features and how it can change and portray moods'.

The light source for these pictures are quite big stair lights and have a yellow hue but some of the landings had various degrees of how much light was available. For instance the light source for this was coming from the right top hand side and created a strong profile shadow on the left hand side.

The light source for this one was from the same right hand side but did a full on frontal view of his face and slightly in front of the light. This shows the varying degrees of shadow and light reflected on different features. Also how photographing different angles of the face can change mood and expression dramatically.

This light source was more white in color and their was scaffolding around the figure which created a more blue hue with shadow. The light source is from the left hand side this time and you can tell from the light shine in the subjects eye that it is side on. The white light created a more softer light on the face and skin and not as harsh as the previous pictures. The three last pictures were all on
Aperture setting.

These two pictures were experiments on angles and the distance of the figure away from the camera. To examine different types of shadows and how the camera and photographer them self's can make a difference to the amount of light and shadow on the figure. The light sources here where to the right and up and on manual setting. This was me also playing around with how much manual focus from faraway and how the shadows on clothes/fabric looked.

 Different angle shot how much light bounces off the face.

This was a test for a dramatic shot to do with focus and atmosphere to set a different mood and how lighting looks in darker tones. The light source is above the the figure and to the right again but the figure is in front of the light source and has the banister bars which create more shadow. The bars also being in front of the figure can set a different meaning to the photograph all together by viewer interpretation. The light source is only really visible on the figures shoulder and in the folds of the jackets arm which are quite bold.

These are just experiments and for me to get more aware of lighting and how important it is for photography. My Tutor has given be really helpful advice on this and I'm glad it has made me more aware of its capabilities.

Yesterday I decided to jump into one of the studios on my own to practice in a studio situation and to play around with some of the props. It has been a while since I've put even photographs into Photoshop so this is practice for editing them as well. Used simple netting fabric and played around with it to see what kinda expressions and moods I could get.

Photographs tone is slightly been edited it and the camera is on AI setting which is an automatic setting.
 Non edited.
 Non Edited.

I found it interesting how the edited photographs gave a more cleaner feel like the figure is out in fog or snow, even ghostly. And how the non edited color tones of my skin have made the photography look more medical or sickly.

Playing around with different angles and focus these are just some tests before I go further with the photographs and editing. I will be in a studio tomorrow with a model and trying out lighting and props I'm a bit nervous but I'll see if I can make things work. I'll post my results soon and also carry on anxiety research and props.

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