Friday, 12 April 2013

Development - Finished pieces framed and space issue


Over the holidays I went home for a week to have a break but still did sketchbook work at home. These were some of the images I painted in watercolor about the symbolism and meanings behind the props in the photographs. Was unsure if to give them their own separate sketchbook or not but have added them instead to the development sketchbook.

Frame Tests

Also purchased frames for my prints I picked for my final ones. Before any frames were bought I ended up doing some color tests to see which would look best since my images are varied in color and tone. Here is some simple examples in Photoshop even tho I tried this with all the final images.

I also compared them all together on the screen to see how they all worked together in a composition. It ended up being a choice between black and white.

Prints and Frames

  Black seemed to be the best option so I went with that for frames and my prints finally came.

I'm very pleased with the results it does feel positive when you finally see months of work in a conclusion. They just need some dusting down and they are ready to be displayed. 

I also got a small photo album to put the extra smaller prints to be looked at as well.

Space Planning

Their has been an issue on the space I had in mind for my work to be shown. I'm waiting to find out on Monday what the outcome will be. My own anxieties caused me to have a type of break down around the issue but I felt better after taking a day out of doing work. I'm sure things will work out in the end and maybe I could get a space in the studio if things didn't work out for another space. Have been planning out the space if things worked out either way but well wait and see.

Final Sketchbook Progress

In the meantime been working on a development sketchbook that details the whole process of the project. It also shows the process of all the photo shoots and how they were planned and how the props were made. As well as experimentation with camera and lighting and the meanings of the symbolism behind each shoot.

Also I have been filming bits and pieces of my projects process as well and I plan to edit them together this weekend. So I can have the final week devoted to displaying my work and getting my work on the computer in the studio.

Final Picked Pieces

Social Anxiety Disorder


Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


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