Friday, 15 March 2013

Development - Sketchbook with media and props

Sketchbook Progress

Been making more progress with sketchbooks still started doing traditional media tests on the storyboard images. Printed out copies of the storyboard images onto cartridge paper so I can use different medias and experiment with them for the development sketchbook. I also have been continuing to draw images that explain the symbolism in each photograph.


Storyboard Images

I started also adding some color to the storyboard images I plan to do this will all the drawings in the book. Unless it suites being black and white otherwise as well as annotation and organization of both my sketchbooks better. This was colored with watercolors and I'll be going to add more to each to define them better.

 Props Progress

As for props the last of them are coming together to do the final three photo shoots for the deer antlers I tried to get in touch with The Scottish Deer Centre. But for some reasons they would not reply or answer to my attempts and I was even going to offer money for antlers if I could afford it. Good fortune came along and my class mate Lorraine let me know she had a pair of antlers at home she had found hiking. She was kind enough to bring them in and their so beautiful am very pleased and can't wait to use them in a shoot.

These were done a while ago but I painted a pair of the fake teeth but had to keep letting them dry and using different colors to get the right effect. I also used varnish on them to add the little touch of making them look real I used them in the photo shoot that's posted before this post. It is Here.

I've also been testing out the self made plastic tank since the glue has settled and dried around the edges. Been testing to see if water can be contained and it has been having some leaks but I have added more glue and hopefully it will work for the next shoot now.

These are also the flowers kept since Valentines day they have been drying in my room and I sprayed them with hairspray from an online tutorial about drying flowers. I also used some of these in the previous photo shoot such as the teeth. I hope to be able to use and display these props in a small exhibition for assessment in the University. I'm hoping the project will be successful enough for me to be able to achieve this since space and studios are getting tighter.


Also got prints ordered of my first two photo shoots and hanged them up in my studio space I ordered them from a place called Snapfish . Their very inexpensive and their prints have pretty descent quality and I will probably be ordering the rest of my prints for the photo shoots. I still have to decide on what pictures will be the final ones and also their sizes for the display. I will keep going and hopefully get the rest of the shoots finished as well as the sketchbooks. Got less than 6 weeks to get everything finished.

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