Friday, 29 March 2013

Development - Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Forth Photoshoot and space for assessment

It's been a little bit since I did any blog posts but this is because it's crunch time to get everything finished. Managed to get the last three Photo shoots done in the last two weeks as was trying to find studio space and equipment since a lot of it is booked up. I also took some time out to read/write for my essay and hand it in. Have sent all my photos to be printed just need frames and have picked a space for assessment.


Just hope no one decides to occupy the space while I get frames and the space ready. Not had much experience of setting up an installation space for my work before hope it goes well and people are kind enough not to take space. I've put little notes up and just have to get help to move other students work somewhere safe. I plan to display my pictures across the wall between the two doors. Also to have props inhabit the space in the middle of the floor and at the right wall to the side. This will be my plans for the next couple of weeks before marking as well as finishing sketchbooks.

On to the third photo shoot which is about the Generalized Anxiety Disorder this image is from my storyboard and ideas. It's cleaned up in photo shop but it was just a guide as to how I want the model to be posed for the shoot.

Anxiety - Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the term for irrational and excessive worry about everyday things and causes much stress over matters that are minor. It has to last more than six months to be recognized and can prevent the sufferer from preforming everyday tasks. The individual can suffer from many symptoms including headaches, nausea, fatigue, muscle aches, trouble breathing, numbness, concentration, trembling, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, and cannot control the anxiety. It is a very common disorder and effects peoples lives greatly especially if they have commitments such as school or work.

Digital Media Tests

With this storyboard image I also did various media tests in photo shop and will explain the content of the image shortly. Played around with different brushes to get different shadows and mood.

Prop Making

During prop making I created a plastic thin type of tank out of acrylic plastic in this blog post. It's purpose was for this shoot so I could fill it up with water and I did different tests to see how it would turn out. I used an all purpose glue to stick it together but I had to keep adding coats of the glue to make sure the water wouldn't leak out.

Equipment and setting up

In the studio space I placed it on top of a small stand and used some wood to keep it upright in case it wobbled and fell. It was pretty sturdy if left alone but some surfaces did not agree with it but eventually water could stay inside it. For this shoot I got the Blonde lights to try them out again to see what type of lighting would be like in the little studio.

I also got a fan for the shoot to be able to blow the models hair around to create interesting effects and mood I wanted. Meadhbh was my model for this shoot and felt she was perfect for the type of photograph I wanted and she helped out a lot. The reason for the plastic was so it was big enough for a persons face and possibly the neck and shoulders to fit in the frame. I wanted this to be able to play around with different effects with the media and lighting.

Lighting Tests and Shot Tests

These were some lighting tests we did behind the plastic it created this ghostly tone and the marks on the glass created interesting textures. We tried the shot with the blonde light on as well as it being off with the normal studio lights which created dramatic shadows and effects. Also Meadhbh was holding the fan on her lap for it to be able to move her hair.

Meaning Behind Image

The reason I wanted the shoot to look like this was to give the viewer a sense of an other worldly mood. That the person who is suffering from this anxiety feels life is going at a different kind of pace from the normal to say someone who is comfortable. I wanted it to seem like their vision was blurred or marked by their perception of what effect this disorder can have on them. That as a viewer we can see them through this distorted vision and are sharing what life is like for them.
The symbolism of it being marked as well as the blue/ink in the water is supposed to represent them in a haze, or submerged in their own emotions and anxieties. In a sense they are drowning but in a psychological sense as well as physical sense by the symptoms the disorder causes. The composition of the image I wanted it to be the models face and shoulders because it makes it more intimate. As if were looking at them if they were standing in front of us or through a type of window. To make the connection more expressive and personal so the viewer can connect with them as if they were in front of them.

As again the butterflies were a test to see how they would look visually and they may have been used symbolically. But I found the image with the water to be the true goal of what I wanted this image to achieve. I also did more tests with the lighting as well as editing to see if any were more visually pleasing. As well as trying different expressions and views of the models composition and having the eyes closed or open. The eyes can be associated with light and 'the mirror of the soul' and I wanted them to be an noticeable and identifiable feature in this image. In symbolism dull or closed eyes can mean feelings of anxiety, emotional blockage or lack of communication.

Some more experimentation with lighting and editing with Photoshop but also bringing elements of water in to create more texture.

We then started to fill up the plastic with water the intention was to fill the plastic right up to the top. But we had some issues cause the water made the plastic bulge left and right which made it appear it would burst any moment with water. It was alarming so we only filled up the plastic half way and used the camera to our advantage. But the surface of the water did create interesting effects which are below.

Possible Final Pieces

 Blue ink was then added.

I feel the ink pieces have worked quite successfully and their quite possibly part of the set for final pieces but it will be easier to decide when the prints come. I felt this shoot went quite successfully and I got the images matching to the storyboards pretty well. Will update soon with the other photo shoots shortly.

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