Sunday, 27 January 2013

Research/planning - Notes and ideas on the project

A lot of my research started out as scribbles and notes in a note book based on my random sparks of inspiration. As at first I was not sure about what sort of theme or project I wanted to do but have stuck with the theme of human anxieties and symbolism. I first started out by planning what I wanted to include in the brief and how to explain the concept. A very broad range of key words and needed to do further research to be able to  narrow down what was the strongest parts for the project.

At first I got a lot of very expressive images in my head and were using them as a starting point on what I'm aiming for the final pieces. But this is purely experimental images and may not even be what the final outcome will be. Also media has been in consideration and it feels right that the final pieces should be a photography set with models and props. And if possible I feel positive to take it further by making it into a installation piece. This is stated in the brief but also because it ties in with the type of tutorial work this semester.

This was me starting to sketch out simple layouts of images imagined to represent what I wanted to achieve. This is based on if a photo shoot could be arranged with a model and to gather the props which is in a planning stage. Taking into consideration is the composition, the media, and the body language but I will be researching all of this in further stages. I also will be creating higher quality images in a sketchbook to storyboard out each photograph.

Have also started to research different types of anxiety that will help shape the type of body language and emotion that will be expressed in the photography. But this will be researched much further and into more depth. These were notes I made while watching a documentary on social anxiety disorder.

I found it very informative and it also the process of what people go through with this disorder and how they get help. If possible I want to show this process through symbolism and how people cope or what emotions they go through with these anxieties. How some feel helpless or even ashamed about seeking help or talking through it. That why should these issues be taboo and that my work could relate and explore these conditions.

To create these images I have been looking into symbolism and our unconscious and how it effects our thought processes. Especially on our fears and anxieties but I hope to create beautiful images using props to represent this. I have read through the dream book and took note of the symbolism I feel could be achievable in props or with medias. Also ones that are most relevant to my theme and how their meanings relate to the condition.

Need to further research more about anxieties theme and look into modern symbolist Artists. Also will be experimenting with my camera and watching tutorials and how to be expressive with body language. As well with media and sketching out more work in a sketchbook and see if I can get symbolist art books.

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