Sunday, 27 January 2013

Research/Development - Mood board and body language

To get a better feel of the type of color palette and inspiration I searched on the net for different types of expressive images to create a mood board. It will help with the kind of mood and figures that I would like to express in my pieces. How color and body language can play an important part in setting the key areas of a piece. Also I liked that I found some images that played with black and white and lighting with simple props.

Decided to do some body language test shots of myself that I could study and help with planning out different ideas through my sketchbook. I focused on holding my head and hiding my face which portrays different moods purely through the body instead of expression. This is just my personal representation of I see someone who is struggling or going through negative emotions.

I must confess I struggle with a lot of anxiety and depressive periods in my life. But through this project I hope to understand these emotions myself and how I cope with them. In a way it might be a type of therapy for myself and why I feel this project will be a strong reflection of that. I took this image when I was going through a difficult phase and it felt appropriate to take the snap shot and capture the emotion. It might be a reference for drawing as well since eyes can be so expressive and reflect the type of emotions I want to recreate.

These are some reference sketches of the photographs their also practice for me drawing. I've not drawn much for most of 2012 so easing back into it for this project. I will be doing traditional media and digital media experiments in the sketchbook with these drawings.

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